• Retrieving Historical Stock prices.

    Yahoo Open Data Tables is probably the last free source of financial information available after Google shut down it's finance API a few years back. In a recent project to analyze my stocks trades, I decided to cache 10 year historical prices form the Yahoo Open Data Tables.

  • pip for Cygwin

    I have been using cygwin for a while. To say the least, I get to do X11 forwarding on windows. Windows 10 now has an experimental feature called Bash for Windows. I think this was released along with the Windows 10 Anniversary update. However, I have not succeeded in getting X11 to run on it.

  • Terminal Malfunction

    Occasionally, something I do at the terminal causes the terminal to misbehave at the end of the output. This usually happens when I display a binary file. For example -

  • prosody

    I have been a fan of Google Talk since its launch. I loved all the features they kept rolling out, until they stopped doing it. Google Talk eventually morphed into Hangouts. I later learnt that they ditched the XMPP based open backend that Google Talk had and replaced it with a closed protocol. I was sad to see this shift in Google's business.

  • Searching through Bash History?

    I am a frequent MATLAB user and have always liked the feature of recalling the command history after typing the first few characters. For instance, if my command history is -

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