I have been saving all my work on Dropbox for a while now. It is convenient especially when all my work is synced across all my computers. The best advantage I have is that when a computer is formatted or crashes, all I have to do is to install the dropbox client again and my files are automatically downloaded from dropbox.

I decided to make my Dropbox\MATLAB the startup folder for MATLAB across all my computers. After a little bit of searching, I discovered that there is a command that does exactly that – userpath.

All I had to do is type the following command in my MATLAB command window.


Now, on restarting MATLAB, I find myself in C:\Users\Bharath\Dropbox\MATLAB instead of C:\Users\Bharath\Documents\MATLAB. So everything I do and save is immediately backed up as long as I am connected to the internet.

More information about MATLAB startup can be found here. There are surprisingly many commands that can be used to customize your MATLAB experience – see these.