• Creating & Using Reverse SSH Tunnels

    A few years back, I used to SSH into my lab computer from home using the IP address of the Lab computer. Over the years, my university IT personnels restricted inbound access to the networks. I can no longer SSH into my lab computer. I wished that I could use an outbound SSH connection to use the lab computer remotely. A little bit of search brought up a service called openport.io provided a simple way to achieve this. However, it is not a free service and I believed that there hand to be a free alternative to doing this. More researching revealed thing was indeed possible using SSH Reverse Tunnels.

  • Reading a part of a file

    Recently I had a problem with a very large file I downloaded and wanted to have an alternative option to re-downloading it. The checksum of the file with the problem was incorrect. So I decided to look for ways to compute the MD5 checksums for parts of the file.

  • Counting MATLAB Figures

    I needed to write a few scatter plot images to disk from my MATLAB scripts. I was creating a few hidden figures for this purpose.

  • Securing with Port Knocking

    Recently I discovered that my log files started growing. The biggest among them was btmp, which was over 600MB. Attempting to run

  • Suspending a computer over SSH

    I wanted to use an automated script to suspend all nodes in my ubuntu cluster. I decided to use the SSH to send a pm-suspend command to do it. The results were unexpected.

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