• Locking a Linux TTY or terminal

    Most GUI interfaces have a button in a menu somewhere that lets a users lock their screens when they are away. But how do you do this on a terminal instead of the usual GUI?

  • How do I find the kernel boot parameters of a running system?

    Recently, while debugging a display, I had to change the kernel boot parameters several times and needed to know what boot parameters were used to boot the running kernel. After some search I discovered the trick (from this post) -

  • Manual Memory Management.

    While using MATLAB for image processing, I sometimes run out of memory. On Windows, I have no choice but to restart MATLAB and hope that the garbage is cleared. While using the Linux platform, I can do better, I can force the caches clear.

  • axel & aria2c

    Most shell users at some point of time would feel the need to have a multi-threaded download manager something more than just wget. I was no different. While I was searching for one, I learnt that wget could not do it natively, but could be hacked into doing it – see this Stack Overflow Answer.

  • bash auto completions and colours

    Recently I had a problem with bash not auto completing the commands I was typing while I pressed the Tab key beyond simple commands. Previously, bash used to auto complete commands while I typed sudo apt-get ins<tab>. to install. It also stopped completing package names. A little hunting for the solution brought me to this stack exchange question and it’s solution.

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