• VNC vs X11

    Recently, I have had an argument with Priyanka who prefers using GUI to terminal. She used VNC sessions to view her remote Linux machine desktops on Windows machines. The whole experience was slow and lagged a lot. I on the other hand preferred to use the terminal and used X11 forwarding when needed. My logic for favouring X11 forwarding was that I thought it made more efficient use of the bandwidth as all X11 programs had to send was rendering instructions instead of sending bitmaps of a rendered desktop (the VNC way). After a few days, I decided to google "VNC vs X11 forwarding" to see what other people thought of it.

  • apt-cyg: A Package Manager for Cygwin.

    Cygwin is a popular solution to use Linux/Unix applications on windows. Cygwin provides a POSIX (Portable Operating System Interface) compliant environment for development and execution of *Nix programs. Cygwin is available for x86 64 bits.

  • CR and CR-LF

    Anyone who has worked extensively between Linux machines and Windows machines has at some time come across a lot of badly formatted documents. Inititally, I would spend a lot of time finding the end of the line and pressing to format the document properly. After months of doing this, I realized that this is due to the line endings or the end of line (EOL) (see Wikipedia). Windows sees the end of a line differently from the way *nix sees it.

  • Stress Testing a New Disk

    With a growing media collection, I am forced to buy a 2 TB hard disk about ever 18 months. Surprisingly, this seems to follow the Moore's law. Buying a new hard disk can be a daunting task.

  • Push Notifications from MATLAB

    I often have to run programs in MATLAB that takes several minutes to hours to run. Most of these times, I am using the parallel processing toolbox and have my computer so bogged down that even moving the mouse is a painfully slow. These are the times I am forced to take a break and walk away from the computer.

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